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This is a full 1:1 scale replica In the style of the G17 from WELL.

The Well G17 comes in an all black finish including top slide being made of metal and the lower receiver made of polymer.

The Well G17 also has fixed front and rear iron sights and a two-stage trigger design.

The pistol's grip is textured, and that makes it comfortable and secure to hold for most hand sizes.

The blowback function works very good and gives a hell of a kick, also the top slide sticks back when you are out of ammo just like the real thing. 

The WELL G17 also has a barrel RIS rail and a working safety.


  • 280 FPS
  • Blow Back Action
  • Runs on Co2
  • Full metal slide
  • Polymer lower
  • Metal trigger with slots
  • Practical field stripping design

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