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Sting Ops Tactical is a premium online store for Gel Blasters located in Brisbane Australia. All Gel Blaster toys for sale on our store are built from the latest high-end Gel blaster components to ensure you have the best Gel Blaster experience. We sell premium replica & toy guns, rifles, handguns, assault rifles, ammunition, gel balls, custom modifications, parts and accessories.  

Replica Guns & Water Gel Guns Australia

We have quality competition grade gel balls for sale, gel blaster accessories, gel blaster parts for sale and gel ball blasters for sale. We have a quality range of rifles including the AK 47JinMing SCAR and the M4A1. Our range of pistols and handguns include the GlockDesert Eagle & Beretta. Our range of SMG's (submachine guns) include the LH Kris Vector V2, MAC 10 and the ARP9. We also have a large range of tactical and combat gear for the ultimate Gel Blaster experience.


The Best Quality Gel Balls & Gel Blasters For Sale Australia

Our promise to you is that we only sell the highest quality Gel Blaster toys, guns, gel ball ammunition, parts and accessories, custom modifications and tactical gear online in Australia today. We ensure all our gel blaster products are tested and built from the highest quality materials to ensure your Gel Blaster experience is at its best. For the best Gel Blaster fun shop online at our store, you won't be disappointed. Browse from some of the finest replica guns and Gel Blaster toys and products for your enjoyment ensuring you have fun every weekend out on the field with your friends, family and buddies.


What are Gel Blaster Toys?
Gel Blasters are a toy that are in between a paintball gun and a nerf gun which shoots a harmless water ball. They're taking the country by storm! Gel Blasters are usually made of high-end Nylon with a gearbox and piston setup that propels a gel ball out from the inner barrel. Many are readily available to be upgraded with metal or alloy parts making the toy guns feel more realistic. The sport of Gelsoft is becoming ever increasingly popular, safe and enjoyed widely at your local Gelsoft fields. Be a soldier, an assassin, a hitman! Be whoever you want to be with our range of quality Gel Blasters and accessories.


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