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TWS 9mm SBR GBB (Black) - Gel Blaster Guns, Pistols, Handguns, Rifles For Sale

TWS 9mm SBR GBB (Black) - Gel Blaster Guns, Pistols, Handguns, Rifles For Sale

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- Gel Blaster Guns, Pistols, Handguns, Rifles


1.M-LOK tactical handguard:
 - M-LOK is the most trendy rail system in the real firearms. This handguard is KING ARMS original design. the M-LOK specification done according to MAGPUL provided document.
 - One piece CNC machined metal M-LOK handguard provides a solid rail platform. M-LOK-standard accessories can be bolt-on quickly and concretely.
 - Stylish engraved handguard provides unique outlook and light weight.
 - Four-sided mounting platform conveniences shooters to bolt-on vary accessories.

2.Outer & Inner Barrel:
 - Metal outer barrel and delta ring mount to avoid wobbling.
 - Well-polished precise 7mm brass inner barrel lets every shot more accurate.

3.Rifle body:
 - Metal bolt catch, selector lever, trigger make the gel blaster more durable.

4.Reinforced Parts : 
 - Full steel upgraded parts (KA-PT-26) to provide high durability : Trigger, Selector Lever, Hammer, Sear.

5.Bolt carrier :
 - High speed bolt carrier
 - Reinforced Steel bolt-stop parts installed

5.Non-slip grip:
 - Rough surface design can prevent slip of griping. You can grasp full control of your rifle confidently.
- Ergonomic designed offers the operator maximum comfort and control over the rifle.

 - Metal front sight and rear sight . Both of them are rail mounting and able to flip-up. They have adjustable aiming pins and range finder hole to fit corresponding difference field-shooting environment.

 - Magazine capacity : need to be testified 
 - Compatible with : Need to be testified 

8.Tactical stock:
- Provides comfortable, secure shoulder rest for Gel blaster
- Easy to install and ergonomic design let shooter grip their gel blaster confidently. 
- Nylon Fibre material provide anti-shock while shooting.
- Can be locked down to virtually eliminate movement in the stock.
- Can be quickly converted to fit commercial or Mil-Spec buffer tubes.
- Sling loop and quick-detach mounting point provided for wide variety of  harness /Sling options.
- Mounting points at the bottom of stock that can install QD Sling Swivel.

9.Flash Hider:


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