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Poseidon/RPM Stormbreaka M4 adaptor (Glock) - Gel Blaster Guns, Pistols, Handguns, Rifles For Sale

Poseidon/RPM Stormbreaka M4 adaptor (Glock) - Gel Blaster Guns, Pistols, Handguns, Rifles For Sale

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- Gel Blaster Guns, Pistols, Handguns, Rifles

Stormbreaka Glock version is compatible with Poseidon magazines.


RPM Techshop & Poseidon M4 Adapter (Glock platform)

Stormbreaka is the 1st generation RPM Tech M4 adapter. It is designed to fit most gel blaster AEG M4 mags. Mags are controlled by an FCU.

We have 5 main colours: Black, Silver, Red, Blue and Purple. 

Any Gen 8 style mags are compatible, such as SLR mag, Warinterest mag, Universal mag, or drum mag, etc.

Material: CNC machined aluminum

The Sensitivity Adjustment Knob can only turn 270 degrees!!!

Sensitivity Adjustment: Left Knob

Turn Right: Increase sensitivity

Turn Left: Reduce sensitivity

Loading Speed Adjustment: Right Button

4 levels, Flash Light Indication

The higher the level, the longer the loading time.

This adapter allows you to use HPA (high pressure air) and M4 AEG magazines on your Poseidon pistol. To use it you will also need an M4 AEG magazine, “paintball” tank with low pressure regulator (0-120 psi), a hose with a Foster quick disconnect. The normal operating pressure for green gas is roughly 120 psi depending on the temperature. We recommend that you run your pistol near this pressure and do not exceed 120 psi. Keep in mind that higher pressures can cause excessive wear and damage to the internal components of your pistol.

We recommend that you use high-speed M4 AEG magazines for the most consistent performance.  

Please download the manual here:

Please watch the installation video:


All Stormbreaka Feeding Tubes are now 8mm ID. Make sure the size of the gel is below 7.5mm.


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