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Our Polarstar Engine + MK Tactical CNC gearbox combo packages let you choose what you want for your next HPA setup. 

Compatible for V2 gearboxes and receivers.


 Parts included in combo:

  • Polarstar Engine (Your choice of Jack or F2)
  • MK Tactical CNC Gearbox with spring retainer (Your choice of V2 H92 or HPA)
  • Magazine plate with leaf spring terminals (Your choice to suit Well or Gen 8/9 or ARP9)


Please choose from the drop down boxes which parts you would like included:

  • MK Tactical V2 or H92 or HPA CNC gearbox
  • Polarstar Jack or F2 HPA engine


*Note: These parts are supply only, customer will need to use adequate knowledge on completing the remaining installation for their HPA system into their blaster.



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