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The pocket A-10, the BRRRRRTT Brick... whatever you want to call it the ultimate pistol has arrived!  The MAC11 is a full metal construction CO2 pistol that features an incredible ROF with a large magazine capacity. 


  • Full Metal Construction
  • 14mm CCW outer barrel for attaching Suppressors, Hop-ups or Tracer Units
  • Retractable stock
  • Large Capacity CO2 magazine
  • Approx 180-240 FPS 
  • Approx 30-36 RPS


Package Includes:

  • MAC11 Gel Blaster
  • CO2 Magazine
  • Allen Key
  • Safety Glasses


With a product with such high performance there are definitely some Do's and Don'ts:

Make sure not to dry fire the MAC11, slam the mag in with the bolt closed or yank the magazine out.  The MAC11 features a dual latch system on its magazines, meaning you depress the mag release and the mag will drop down to the second catch.  From this point depress the mag release again and completely remove the magazine.

When loading a magazine into the MAC11 make sure the bolt has been locked open before inserting the magazine.


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