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M stands for Modular.
Machined from Aircraft grade Aluminium and boasting all the same features as the standard MK V2 gearbox shell, "M" introduces more to love...

Modular design separates compression from the gearing section allowing for easy maintenance whilst retaining full rigidity of standard box.

It also makes shimming much easier.

Advantages over split design:

  1. Modular is the only gearbox design to allow for AOE tune under full compression.
  2. Because the lower half of the gearbox remains solid, it maintains much better rigidity and is, therefore, more suitable to high stress and DSG builds.
  3. Additionally, it introduces 0 new tolerances over standard design and there is no need for the receiver pin to hold compression and gearing sections together, no wiggle, no changes to AOE.


    For the best bushings to suit your MK Tactical gearbox - look no further than the MK Tactical 8mm slimline hardened steel bushings.

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