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MK Tactical v2 CNC Gearbox - Gel Blaster Parts & Accessories Gearbox For Sale

MK Tactical v2 CNC Gearbox - Gel Blaster Parts & Accessories Gearbox For Sale

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- Gel Blaster Parts & Accessories Gearbox

CNC machined v2 gearbox shell designed and manufactured specifically for gel blasters.
This gearbox is designed and manufactured in QLD, Australia from locally sourced materials.

It is CNC machined from a single block of Aircraft grade Aluminium. Characterised by high corrosion resistance, lightweight and high strength of 310 MPa (45 ksi).
CNC machining process produces highly accurate parts with tolerances of 0.001mm so this gearbox case is not to be confused with cheap cast metal conversions that simply cannot match the strength or tolerances achieved through CNC machining.

Additionally, this gearbox shell was designed specifically for gel blasters to be used as a replacement of stock gearbox housings that are often the most unreliable part on stock blasters.
We shouldn't need to emphasise this but unlike some AS V2 gearbox adaptations our box is a true gel blaster gearbox and it, therefore, has the nozzle stroke required for gel ball feed and seal.

Product information and specifications;

  • tested and approved by a number of Australian gel blaster modders
  • cylinder and the piston housing is reinforced with additional material
  • compatibility with both Wells and standard v2 cylinder, cylinder head and nozzle
  • wire slots have been designed to accept up to ø3mm wire
  • additional wire guide to "tuck" the wire under the motorhead
  • 8mm bearings/bushings sockets are intentionally tighter to prevent slipping
  • quick spring exchange
  • all threads are form tapped which creates a much stronger thread 1-5 N m recommended tightening torque
  • fully integrated non-conductive mag connector plate
  • Aussie made and covered by 24 Months Australian Warranty!


 V2 Receivers compatibility:

  • SLR
  • X-Power (BD556, Maopul)
  • TTM
  • Warinterest (LDT)
  • Hawkex

Blaster compatibility:

Mosfet Compatibility:

  • Titan
  • Perun
  • Leviathan

* note: above items have been tested but other blasters and receivers may be compatible

What's included with the shell/case?

  • P Mag/gen9 mag contacts plate
  • M3 screws

For the best bushings to suit your MK Tactical gearbox - look no further than the MK Tactical 8mm slimline hardened steel bushings.

Best - Gel Blaster Parts & Accessories Gearbox For Sale Australia


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