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The most premium V2 drop in gearbox in the gel blaster market at the moment. 

Split design, metal gearbox shell, metal gears, piston with metal teeth and a BigRRR MOSFET initially installed.

The advance edition features the Mosfet fire control system instead of the mechanical and classical fire control system.

The BigRRR Mosfet is pre-programmed with its semi function. Can be set as one-shot, two-shot and 3-5 shots burst. It has a 2-second prime function when putting on mag. This function can be turned off.

Instructions are provided in the instruction booklet upon purchasing the gearbox. No programming card required.

International Edition of the LDX Gearbox has been deserialized due to distributorship issues. Please take note that there will be scratch marks(pic attached) on your gearbox shell due to the removal of the serial numbers. 

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