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The WarriAir regulator from GladiatAir is a stylish matte black colour and incorporates a number of features to provide superior performance and reliability. Available for 3K and 4.5K (PSI) high pressure air cylinder’s.

Balanced Design

The “balanced design” in the Warriair regulator provides a consistent outlet pressure which will increase reliability and accuracy of the shot.

Adjustable Outlet Pressure

Standard outlet pressure is 700 – 900 PSI, with a change to the disc springs pressure can be reduced to 400 – 600 PSI suitable for most low pressure markers.

Inlet Filter Gauze

The Filter gauze prevents most dirt from entering your tank, which will reduce the number of times dirt gets caught in the seat. Particles on the regulator seat stop the regulator sealing and cause the low pressure burst disc to rupture.

Flow Restrictor

The 4.5K Warriair regulator is fitted with a flow restrictor as a safety feature and to reduce the chance of blowing the low pressure burst disc.

Optimal Gauge Size

The 4.5K regulator has an 18mm gauge to reduce weight and the 3K regulator has a large gauge for increased visibility when filling a fleet of rental markers.