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GBF Black Widow Pre-built Split Gearbox

  • Split design
  • CNC 7075 T6 gearbox shell
  • 16:1 CNC gears 
  • Steel Bushings
  • SHS piston and CNC piston head
  • One-piece cylinder
  • M110 spring
  • Bearing spring retainer
  • GBF 1.0 MOSFET was initially installed
  • Mini Tamiya plug
  • FPS: 330+ fps

    The mosfet fire control system instead of the mechanical and classical fire control system.

    The GBF 1.0 mosfet is pre-programmed with its semi-function. Can be set as one-shot, two-shot and 3-5 shots burst. 

    The edition is for the Australian market Only. 


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