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MK Tactical V2 complete build drop in CNC Gearbox - Gel Blaster Parts & Accessories Gearbox For Sale

MK Tactical V2 complete build drop in CNC Gearbox - Gel Blaster Parts & Accessories Gearbox For Sale

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- Gel Blaster Parts & Accessories Gearbox

The MK Tactical V2 complete built drop in CNC gearbox's are designed and built using only the highest quality components for competition grade specifications. 

These are built in-house in Australia by our very own tech and they come tuned and tested with an operational video sent to our customer before leaving the shop.

 Parts Include:

  • MK Tactical CNC Gearbox (Your choice of V2 or H92 or V2 Modular)
  • MK Tactical 8mm slimline hardened steel bushings 
  • Magazine plate and leaf spring terminals (To suit Well or Gen 8/9 or ARP9)
  • Mosfet with Deans plug (Your choice of Perun V2 Hybrid or Leviathan V2 Optical)
  • Green O-ring 
  • Shim kit 
  • SHS or BJX Gear set (Your choice of 18:1 16:1 or 13:1) depending on availability 
  • Metal anti-reverse latch & spring
  • Alloy nozzle and cylinder head 
  • Hardened Nylon Tappet plate 
  • Full or ported cylinder 
  • 14tooth metal piston and alloy head combo
  • V2 selector plate
  • Metal V2 Trigger 
  • Spring Kit to suit
  • M Series spring (Your choice of between M110-M150)
  • MK Tactical metal Spring retainer to suit


Please choose from the drop down boxes which parts you would like included in your build:

  • V2 or H92 or V2 Modular with Perun or Leviathan setup
  • 18:1, 16:1 or 13:1 gearset
  • M110, M120, M130, M140 or M150 Spring


*Note: These gearboxes have a build time of 10-14 business days before shipping out 

** These are gearbox only builds, customer will need to use adequate knowledge on completing the remaining installation into their receiver and matching up correct t-piece/barrel and correct meshing of motor gear to internal gear.



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