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The latest and greatest from Atomic Armoury. The Atomic Armoury M4-S carbine boasts a unique look, with a CQB style m16 buttstock. Installing the battery cannot get any easier with a hidden latch door in the buttstock. This blaster boasts 300 fps, excellent grouping, and range.

V2 High-grade full metal Atomic M4 - S carbine version. 

  • 300-310 FPS out the box
  • Bushes not bearings
  • Metal Handguard
  • Metal Receiver
  • Metal Buffer Tube
  • Metal Handle
  • Metal Sights
  • Metal inner barrel
  • Metal outer barrel
  • Metal flash hider
  • Metal V2 gearbox.
  • Metal Gears
  • 11.1V Battery ready

Note: This blaster does not come with a battery - please look at our TITAN range to suit

Amazing accuracy and grouping. This is a premium blaster at a competitive price point. A must-have blaster for the beginner and the seasoned player.

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