ASG Ultra Air 14kg Green Gas 520ml bottle for GBB Pistols - Gel Blaster Gas For Sale

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- Gel Blaster Gas

With 270g of gas inside a 520ml bottle, means you get MORE gas in a SMALLER bottle for CHEAPER than most other Green Gas brands out there! 

Please note that this Gas is slightly more powerful than standard Green Gas, and as such caution should be taken when using Plastic Slide Pistols, such as Tokyo Marui GBB, to avoid permanent damage to your blaster.

  • 520ml can
  • 14kg 
  • 270g of gas inside
  • 90% Propane
  • 10% Butane
  • Will work in most Green Gas compatible gel blaster


 NOTE: Green Gas CANNOT be sent via express post - If express post is chosen they will be sent via regular post instead


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