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 - Gel Blaster Guns, HPA Pistols, Handguns, Rifles For Sale

The Sting Ops Tactical custom range introduces the 'NIGHT RIDER" HPA Kit - XYL ARP9 

If your looking for an insane rate of fire, impressive trigger response, great power and premium reliability then look no further.

These are all reasons why competitive players choose HPA over traditional electric blasters.


Parts include:

  • XYL ARP9 v3.5
  • XYL ARP9 standard stick magazine
  • XYL ARP9 additional drum magazine
  • Polarstar Jack Engine
  • Amped Airsoft standard weave braided IGL
  • Atomic Energy 7.4v HPA battery
  • Maxx CNC Speed trigger
  • 3x bags of Ausgel Ultra Elite gels


Professionally tuned and ready to plug n play so you can step on to the field and dominate your opponents.



  • 300 FPS (Depending on tune and PSI)
  • 45-60 RPS (Depending on tune)


Option Blaster only:

  • "Night Rider" XYL ARP9


Option Full Kit:

  • "Night Rider" XYL ARP9
  • Gladiatair U68 Ultra-light Carbon tank
  • Gladiatair 4500psi Warriair regulator
  • Polarstar Micro Gen 2 regulator
  • Amped Airsoft standard weave matching braided main line


Note: 7-10 Day build time required before shipping 


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